A motorcyle rally in the US turned ugly when the local police attempted to halt the mass ride with a roadblock.

A rider's helmet cam captured police trying to halt the bikers, who were on their annual 'Streetfighterz Ride of the Century'. In trying to avoid being stopped, the motorcyclists cut across a grassy ditch and then headed the wrong way up an on-ramp.

A few police vehicles are seeing trying to bump the bikers as they try to stop the motorcycling hoard.

Though the road block was a clear failure, the motorcylsits are claiming that the police used excessive force when they tried to cut off the fleeing riders.

We suspect that the bikers were being hooligans on the road but from the helmet cam footage it's not clear if there were any wheelies or stoppies being done when the police showed up.

Who was wrong? Who was right?

Judge for yourself, watch the video.