Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top off-roader among line-up for outback epic

Top off-roader among line-up for outback epic - inMyCommunity - Perth, Western Australia
THIS year’s Australasian Safari has just been elevated on the world scene with news that three-time Dakar winner Cyril Despres will compete in the punishing WA event.
The Frenchman is the most accomplished long-distance off-road motorbike rider in the world, with seven Dakar podium finishes in the last eight years.

He will join other top riders from the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and the UAE in the seven-day challenge in September.

Last year’s event was viewed in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Despres said he was looking forward to the challenge of the Australasian Safari.

“Also I have done over 60 rallies in my career and the Safari is the only major event that I haven’t yet done,” he said.

Despres will come to Australia directly from the Rally dos Sertoes in Brazil with just his manager and a mechanic.

In Australia he will be supported by KTM Australia.

Motorsport fans can meet Despres and see his KTM450 Rally bike and 100 other moto, auto and quad bike entries at Hillarys Boat Harbour on September 22.

Biker gangs bury age-old enmity to honour Norway dead

AFP: Biker gangs bury age-old enmity to honour Norway dead
SUNDVOLDEN — A thousand bikers from rival Norwegian gangs struck an unprecedented truce Tuesday to lay flowers on a shore facing the island where 68 youths perished in a crazed gun rampage.

"We've got Hell's Angels, Coffin Cheaters and Outlaws riding side-by-side out here tonight -- the first time these gangs have ever ridden together," biker Henrik Bauer Larsen told AFP on Lake Tyrifjorden, staring out on Utoeya island.

"These groups are not friends," Larsen said of the horn-tooting, leather-clad hordes on wheels.

"Normally, they fight tough -- but we agreed there would be no politics here, that everyone would stand together.

"In each of these gangs, someone knew people hit on the island -- we just wanted to pay our respects to the victims and their families."

Holding the hand of his fellow-biker girlfriend, Larsen said 550 riders had come from the Norwegian Motorcycle Union, a big Harley Davidson crew that runs a convoy once a year to mark a major event.

Hundreds more joined from Bergen and other cities on equally-feted German or Japanese bikes.

"The truce won't last," he admitted, "but even the police bikers wanted to join in when they saw Tommy's Facebook invitation on Facebook on Sunday," beckoning over his pal who had came up with the idea.

"They cleared our way from Oslo out to Sundvolden, and arranged for us to have space for the bikes out here so we could go down to the shore," added Tommy Hansen.

"It's the biggest bike convoy in Nordic history," he added. "People have come from all over Scandinavia and people on their holidays have joined in on the road -- we just wanted to show our sympathy."

Another biker, Christian Andre Hellebergshaughen, a Harley-mad bike store-worker in Oslo, summed up the mood, saying everyone wanted "to pay our respects to the victims ... of this crazy, crazy man."

The riders had all learnt how Anders Behring Breivik's lawyer, Geir Lippestad, described his client earlier Tuesday as "insane", in a clear hint at his line of defence should the case come to trial.

One, who sat pensively by herself on the shore watching a police mini-submarine maintain its search for those still "missing" in the high waters around Utoeya, said there might not be much point.

"Giving that man a platform from which to spread his manifesto of hate will achieve nothing -- whatever is decided, he will never be allowed back out into society," the woman, who declined to give her name, said after her pilgrimage.

Across the water, a mini-shrine has sprung up to the dead, where gut-wrenching pictures drawn by young children depict lost brothers and sisters in the water crying for help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

traffic fine scams

The Metro Police would like to warn residents and motorists about alleged fraudsters who are conning people under the pretence of being Metro Police members.

The Metro Police have received numerous complaints from members of the public who say that they had received calls from "Metro Police members" who allegedly claimed that they have warrants of arrest for outstanding traffic fines and blackmailed them into buying airtime worth different amounts, to avoid being arrested.

These con artists are using the cell no. 076 793 6358. The Metro Police would like to emphasize that this is a scam and people should immediately report these calls to the nearest police station