Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | news | sa news | Biker dies in taxi crash | news | sa news | Biker dies in taxi crash: "A motorcyclist died when he collided with a taxi in Roodepoort on Sunday afternoon, paramedics said.

'Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that the rider had slammed into the broadside of the minibus and was thrown from his bike. His bloodied frame was lying near the crumpled wreckage of his bike,' said Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeff Wicks.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

The motorcylist died on the scene and the occupants of the taxi were uninjured.

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Biker Gangs Get Into Animal Smuggling

Biker Gangs Get Into Animal Smuggling: "Australian outlaw motorcycle gangs are moving into the illegal trade of protected spiders and snakes because of the high returns and low penalties if caught, The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Officers of Strike Force Raptor -- set up two years ago by the News South Wales state police department to target the illegal activities of biker gangs -- said cops often found illegal fauna during raids on gang premises.

An American corn snake, a Chinese soft-backed turtle, a Mexican tarantula, four tree frogs and a chameleon dragon were seized when officers raided a property in Sydney linked to the Rebels' bikie gang last week.

One officer said he had recently arrested a biker associate in the state's North Coast region with a huge number of illegal reptiles and animals. He also had a large stash of weapons.

'[Bikers] also like to have the snakes and spiders for image as much as for profit-making,' the officer said.

The illegal buying and selling of protected fauna has been identified as the third largest illegal activity worldwide, behind running drugs and guns.

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Eyewitness News: High-tech speed cameras catch out CT drivers

Eyewitness News: High-tech speed cameras catch out CT drivers: "Cape Town traffic officials on Tuesday said high-tech speed cameras on the M5 are proving highly effective.

The cameras record motorists’ average speeds over a stretch of highway and fine them if they are found to have been speeding.

The technology was installed under the bridges of Kromboom and Wetton roads in 2010.

The cameras were problematic during the pilot phase.

However, city traffic’s Merle Lourens said they are now working overtime.

“It was around about 20 or so of January that we started charging people so there have been quite a number of prosecutions so far. People will be receiving their fines through the post and if they don’t pay, they will have to appear in court,” she said.