Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Return Of The Bunny

Return Of The Bunny: "Playboy is back in South Africa, so what’s inside the launch issue, who are the minds behind it and what does it take to be a Playmate? PlayboyApril cover of Playboy SAThere it goes, dressed in white and pink and with a local stunner dangling from its masthead. Playboy, the must-have guide to all things for discerning well-to-do men, has returned to South Africa after more than a decade in absence. But this new Playboy has nothing to do with the first incarnation and seems to cast its net wider than the traditional audience. Editor Peter Piegl opted to divert from what could be regarded as the modern Playboy formula, producing a magazine that is less flamboyant and slightly more serious. It's a luxury afforded to him by Playboy, which maintains a hands-off approach to most of the 28 versions that appear across the world. As Hugh Hefner himself says in the opening pages, the local edition is 'imbued with South African sensibility and style and reflecting the values that Playboy represents worldwide with special brio and energy.' A Touch Of Modesty But browsing through the premier April issue, graced on the cover by Tracy McGregor, the famed nude pictorials appear to be much more demure than what one would expect, sticking above the belt. It is part of the design - a new approach by Peter and his collaborator, publisher Jeremy Lawrence."