Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biker priest builds diesel motorcycle

Biker priest builds diesel motorcycle
: "Father Adrian Knight wears black leather and a gold earring, and yes, he indeed mingles with an edgy crowd, but that doesn’t mean he’s put Heaven on hold. In fact, he carries out his parish duties with no less vigour than he explores his other passion – the motorcycle. Meet a priest who makes his own rules...

Building your own motorcycle from scratch is an impressive enough feat in itself. But when it involves no plans, a stationary industrial diesel engine, scrapped car parts and stainless steel utensils raided from your spouse’s pot cupboard, the project escalates from the simply challenging to the realm of minor miracle.

Conjuring up images of your average small-town parish priest, one generally visualises genteel tea parties, pulpits and starched dog collars – not a man of the cloth decked out in black leather, straddling a two-wheeled mean machine at raucous biker rallies. Then again, Father Adrian Knight is not your average clergyman. Currently serving as Anglican parish priest for the Robertson district, he’s also chaplain for the Ulysses Motorcycle Association’s Western Cape chapter. Their motto, “Grow old disgracefully”, makes perfect sense when you consider the organisation’s membership: it’s exclusively for bikers in the over-40s category (although to be honest, they’re not especially disgraceful).

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

digital igniter



I need a digital igniter for a Suzuki Bandit 400 (2000 model)








Please forward price and availability.





Greetings Fellow Motorcyclists

Wishing you all the very best for 2011, may it be an eventful year!

SOUTH RIOT 15 will held at the GAMTOOS FERRY HOTEL, approximately 50kms from Port Elizabeth on the Thornhill Road en route to Jeffreys Bay on Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th JANUARY 2011. (ONE NIGHT ONLY!) Gates officially open @ 09h00am.

R90 at the gate will cover your entry fee which includes a SOUTH RIOT 2011 badge & live entertainment with THE CRAVE!

R85 will get you a limited edition T-shirt, respond to this e-mail, should you wish to pre-book yours.

There will be some BIRTHDAY folk joining in the RIOTOUS FESTIVITES and we look forward to sharing their SPECIAL day with them!

The 2 BARS will be stocked with plenty ice cold CHEAP WINE & lots more ice cold CHEAP WINE!

There is a variety of stalls - clothing, badge and food as well as a 24 hour shop. Braai packs and wood will be available too.

The camp site is in an AWESOME condition – a perfect camping facility as well as newly renovated ablutions with hot water!

Booze cruise trips up the river during the course of Saturday have been arranged.

All Z1300's are to meet in the tent @ 13h00 on Saturday for some REBELLIOUS REVVING -

CARS will not be permitted inside the campsite, however Gamtoos Management have made a car park area available, next to the pub with Security.

** Note – should you wish to arrive on the Friday, an additional R35 / person will be charged.

Looking forward to seeing you at SOUTH RIOT! It is … the RIOT place 2 B!

Southern Regards
SOUTH – A loose affiliation of like-minded REBEL bikers where conformity does NOT exist!

Jesus Disciples MC Group

Good Day everyone. Is with great sadness that we had two accidents today.

We got Johan Jordaan and Jaques from Commited Mcc who didn't make his turn. Sadly we have lost a Brother Johan but thank God Jaques is still with us.

Secondly there was another accident G'n Bangat Mc had also two members in an accident in Rustenburg. Willie Bailey is Helicoptered to Fourways Hospital with multiple injuries, he is very critical and needs all the prayers he can get. The Pillion rider is still unknown but past away on the scene.

Both accidents are very serious and we ask if you can take a minute and interseed us in urgent prayer. Lets call upon a miracle.

Our full respect and hearts goes out to members, families and lovedones.


Entry Fee R140.00, Pre Entry R120,
Time: 12:00PM Friday, January 28th..

Steppies Rally

Hey everyone,

Please Note that all Pre-Entries close on Saturday, 15 January 2011. All pre-entry applicants will qualify for the separate CASH prize draw.

So to make it easier for you, you can either deposit the money straight into our bank account via EFT or Bank Deposits and email us your entry form and proof of payment to OR fax it through to 086 538 7751

Banking details
Account name: Stepchildren MCC
FNB cheque acc: 621 662 19040
Branch: N1 City, 200 410


If you happen to be in the area, stop off at BIKE BASICS where you can make cash payments.

Bike Basics
70 Voortrekker Road
021 592 7990

Midrand Bikers

Hi guys and Gals...

As you can we we are undergoing some changes, all for the better i promise. We are officially changing over from Midrand Bikers to Dead Men Riding - Joburg North.

I would like to thank Johan van Eck our National President for entrusting me with the responsibility to take the reigns in forming this new Chapter and we pray to God that He will bless us and guide us and always be our first priority and that through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that we will make a success and uphold the respected name of Dead Men Riding.

I am making some changes to this group though and will be removing all non bikers from it. This group is purely going to be for DMR Members and our Biker Brothers and Sisters. Events will be posted here and invites will be sent via this group to all its members.

If you are a non-biker but would like to stay on the group please just send me an email with a short note as to why and I will re-look the removal from the group.

I just need to mention that this is not the main DMR Group but the DMR Joburg North Group Page. As we have so many friends in common it will benefit all as i will basically be duplicating Official DMR Events here on this group. I will also post DMR Joburg North Events here and all is welcome to join in.

Keep a look out for more news and events.

Be safe and keep those 2 wheels turning.

Ruan van Wyngaardt