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The Hindu : Life & Style / Metroplus : Man & Machine - On his own trip!

The Hindu : Life & Style / Metroplus : Man & Machine - On his own trip!: "Balboa is back. Partly inspired by the fictional life of Rocky Balboa, a boxer who emerges from retirement to prove his mettle one more time, adventure biker Girish Mylandla is donning his biking gloves once again, after a hiatus of 11 years.

Following a series of successful solo and two-way Madras-to-Himalayas trips, via different routes, Girish attempted an ambitious 720-km ‘East-to-West Millennium Ride' in 2000. The plan was to chase the sun on a 500cc Royal Enfield Lightning from Madras to Mangalore, on the first day of the new millennium. He started from the Eastern Coast, together with the rising sun, and hoped to wrap up the ride on the Western Coast with the sun sinking into the Arabian Sea. With his bike developing mechanical problems mid-way, Girish had to give up the chase.

This truncated journey was the last in a line of daring rides by Girish; but, at that time, he did not know it. During the decade that followed, he was constantly set back by a few paces in his interior design business; and as he tried to regain lost ground, his return to biking was getting deferred, again and again.

The new year has brought much hope into Girish's life. His business finally on an even keel, he is determined to get back on the adventure trail. Before February ends, he wants to accomplish the single-day East-to-West ride. He has also pencilled in a “Chennai-Siachen-Ladakh-Chennai” expedition for September. Following this, he will attempt rides across international borders.

At 47, Girish is no spring chicken. But he does not think age has anything to do with his adventure trips. He's adequately prepared for the expeditions, and knows he can handle the unexpected. He will take his trusty 17-year-old 350cc Bullet, restored by Southern Motors, into his second innings as biker.

Girish says adventure biking is no different from the rest of what he does. “When I faced tough times in business, I dealt with them by using my experiences on the road.”

These are not run-of-the-mill experiences. From 1985 to 2000, Girish has ridden into lands overrun with terrorists, scaled the highest passes in the Himalayas and has had ringside views of the worst natural calamities in the country. His exposure to the cyclonic ravages in Orissa forever changed his views about life.

“When you come out of such difficult and harrowing experiences, unscathed, you are charged with energy to take on the world,” says Girish. “It gives you the confidence to face the future. I tell youngsters lacking in self-belief: Mylandla has scaled Khardungla (18,380 ft), Tanglangla (17,582 ft), Lachulangla (16,616 ft), Baralachla (16,500 ft), Fotula (13,479 ft) and Zozila (11,649 ft), but he is just 5 feet and six inches tall.”

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From big hole city to city of potholes | The New Age Online

From big hole city to city of potholes | The New Age Online
: "Kimberly has had a big hole for 163 years but the abundance of holes that have appeared lately will not have tourists flocking to gape anytime soon.

The city’s streets are riddled with potholes. Following the heavy rains of the past fortnight, the problem seems to be worsening. Some of the holes are so big that they are damaging car tyres and bodywork. Navigating them requires advanced skills associated with rally-cross drivers.

The problem is especially bad in Florianville, Homevale, Galeshewe and Colville, where some streets resemble moonscapes, rather than tarred roads.

Spokesperson for the Sol Plaatjie municipality Sello Matsie said despite the municipality’s best efforts to repair the roads, several factors were preventing it from doing so.

“During the first quarter of last year the local authority spent more than R32m repairing roads in Kimberley,” Matsie said.

“Unfortunately there are certain factors we can do nothing about. These include excessive use of certain roads, damage due to overloading of vehicles and extreme weather conditions such as the rain we have had lately.”

Matsie said the municipality had six teams repairing roads in Ritchie and Platfontein.

Motorists are bearing the brunt of the damaged roads. Ricardo Smith said he suffered more than R5000 worth of damage when he bent his Ford Focus rim and front fender.

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Supercross 2011 Amanda On-Site with Roger De Coster

Supercross 2011 Amanda On-Site with Roger De Coster: "Roger De Coster is originally from Belgium, but 'The Man' and his name are global.

And throughout all he has done in the sport all over the world, Roger has probably had his greatest impact on the sport of Supercross and Motocross right here in America.

Why? Over his multi year professional racing career, he is probably the most prominent individual in popularizing the sport in the U.S.A. In those years, winning so many races, and five World Motocross Championships in the premiere 500 Grand Prix class, Roger always took the time to come back to 'bring motocross' to America.

After retiring from racing professional, he turned to helping others. Moving to America, he had titles such as: Adviser, Race Director, Race Promoter (Roger promoted the USGP MX at Glen Helen!) Team Manager, Manager of the US Motocross of Nations team, and more.

He helped Team Honda starting in 1981 for over a decade, nurturing Supercross and Motocross champions along the way: Donnie Hansen, David Bailey, Johnny O'Mara, Rick Johnson, Jeff Stanton, Jean Michel Bayle, Jeremy McGrath, and others.

Then in 1995, he become team manager of Suzuki's Supercros and Motocross efforts. More championships, many with Ricky Carmichael, one with Chad Reed (AMA 450 MX) and the current Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey.

In 2011, Roger embarks on a new chapter in his passion and profession - Race Director of KTM's North American Supercross and Motocross effort.

Roger was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me, the week before his team's inaugural performance of 2011 this Saturday at the Anaheim Supercross.

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We just went live with our website

We just went live with our website!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to browse and download the entry form for the Steppies Rally 2011

Have a fun and safe New Year!!!

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Poison Rally 2010

Poison Rally 2010
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Leader of the pack

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Lee's funeral details

Lee's funeral details as follows:
Saturday 8th January at 10:30am @ Okavango Bikers Church.