Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man Part Of Biker Gang Talks About Sturgis

KELOLAND.com | Man Part Of Biker Gang Talks About Sturgis
This week, two bikers were taken to the hospital after a confrontation between the Hells Angels and the Mongols motorcycle clubs. Authorities say members of the Mongols walked into the Hells Angels clubhouse in Sturgis. The two injured bikers were taken to the hospital with stab wounds, and two Hells Angels members are now facing assault charges.

It shows that among the thousands of bikers who roll into Sturgis every year for the rally are motorcycle clubs who also make the annual trip.

"I'm glad I'm out of it. I still go back to Sturgis but I go back in a different venue," Pastor Al Perratt said.

Perratt was known as ‘Nasty Al’ when he hung around the Hells Angels but he's left behind the motorcycle club life and is now a converted counselor and minister in Sioux Falls known as ‘Pastor Al.’

"Hells Angels have a presence. They've established themselves there, so there's always friction between outlaw one-percenter clubs no matter who they are, but this particular one does not surprise me," Perratt said.

Perratt says different clubs usually claim different territory in Sturgis. The fact that a fight broke out this week when the Mongols entered an area controlled by the Hells Angels isn't a surprise.

"Certain bars are known to be that club's turf; that is their waterhole. When they come in, anyone from around the nation from that club can go to that waterhole. If another club walks into that waterhole, or a prospect maybe he's drunk and walks in, then there's danger," Perratt said.

He says it's also possible the Mongols went into the Hells Angels territory on purpose.

"It's a statement. It's almost like it has to happen. It was probably planned way before they even came out from southern California," Perratt said.

Perratt says the majority of the bikers in Sturgis who are not part of an outlaw clubs need to take the gangs seriously, and as long as they keep their distance, they'll stay safe.

"If you're going to try and act cool and be around any one-percenter biker club, show respect and don't take pictures. They don't like pictures," Perratt said.

That's coming from a man who has lived the biker gang culture in Sturgis.

"Give them a lot of room. That's their playground; we're just allowed to come and visit," Perratt said.

Both of the bikers who were stabbed this week have been released from the hospital.

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